RIP Gabriel Garcia Marquez

You will live on through your work and those you influenced.

Dana Point has the best construction signs.

Easy for you to say, VS.

Easy for you to say, VS.


Nintendo World, NYC 2014 - Pokemon Merch

I remember when it was just the Pokemon Center and my parents took me there as a surprise for my tenth Birthday and gave me $200. TOTAL BLISS.

Life Goal: Go back!


Painted some new vases!
Translated: “Because the world didn’t fit, a flower for you”.
They’re for sale at my brand new Etsy Shop!!


I’m related to God, sometimes removed.


Excuse me while I go laugh my ass off.

I’m 100000% for this.

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~~~♥♥♥ School Rant Time, Everybody ♥♥♥~~~

So community college is really confusing because I get these huge assignments that seem like a big deal, like they want a ton of research and a lot of writing, but they’re also asking personal opinion questions.  Like all the time.  I spent my entire high school years getting it hammered into me to NEVER use “I” when writing a formal paper, and I always understood that that was exaggerated there were going to be cases when I needed to, but EVERY PAPER I’ve written so far has been based 80% around my personal experiences.  So I spend weeks stressing out over an assignment or a paper or an exam being uncertain how much is wanted, losing sleep and making myself sick, only to get my grade back a week later with a perfect score and a professor’s comment that I put in so much more effort than required.

But… no???  I put in the effort you asked for, I paid $25 in proctoring fees three times a course as well as the gas money and driving time to get to a testing center, I did a less than par job out of confusion, and I’m getting a perfect score.  I suppose I shouldn’t be looking a gift horse in the mouth, but at the same time this is giving me the impression that my work was not even looked over, that they just slapped a score on it.  I want to know if what I did was what they asked for, was there room for improvement, there HAS to be something because Lord knows that wasn’t a perfect assignment, I will point out to you myself where things could be improved.  I did not do A+ work, I did C+ with an impressive vocabulary, varied sentence structure, and spell check on.

This reminds me of a time in my English class senior year of high school when my teacher would assign us this packet with an exorbitant number of questions to answer about a book we were assigned to read.  We had one week to answer over 200 questions and read a 300-500 page book, IN ADDITION TO our regularly scheduled schoolwork for that class and our other seven classes.  It was ridiculous busy work that encouraged a ridiculous amount of cheating, but I got so fed up with it that I started slipping in answers like, “My dog smells like yellow”, “This pasta tastes like last week” and the teacher never noticed or commented, just a straight up 85% with no explanation.

Since when did mediocrity become the norm, when did it become okay to arbitrarily slap grades on things, to let people slide with doing crap work that doesn’t meet standards?  What is that teaching them, because I sure as God’s omnipotence aren’t learning anything.

And this is the point when I start failing my classes because I become bitter and cannot respect them.  I cannot respect a class that is absorbing so much of my thoughts and energy and happiness into the useless stress cloud it is forming.  It’s consuming my life for no reason except to get the impressive statement that I went to college.  I paid thousands of dollars and years of my life for this.

I won’t drop out because unfortunately this is where I need to be to mean anything to a society that pushes people into college that don’t need to be there, then dumbs down the system to accommodate the unprepared.  But, God.  It’s like high school 2.0 and I wanted to cry with joy when I thought I was done with it the first time around.

I just hope that 10 years down the road all this time, anxiety, and money meant something, or it just is forgotten and never looked upon again.

~~~♥♥♥ End School Rant Time, Thanks Everybody ♥♥♥~~~


say what you will about twitch plays pokemon but they’ve accomplished more in a few weeks than congress will in a year

i have written “je n’ai pas d’amis” so many times for my french class why do they always ask questions about friends why???